MMy Studio

This is my base where you can find me when i am not out 'hunting' for the perfect location for the perfect shot.

You can also find photography supplies and consumables. Do not forget to save your content of your camera to an external resource like your USB stick or a DVD, and keep shooting with an empty SD card, having all of your photos saved and secured.

I will be very happy to meet you in person!


S services


Quick and affordable photos for passports, ID's, your resume and commercial purposes


Auto-printing and saving to another format equipment, so that you can empty your SD card, saving everything to an optical dick or your USB drive!


Let me manipulate and optimise your photos and make the absolute best out of them. Together we can turn a mediocre or blurry photo into something very special


You can find batteries, SD cards, consumables, photo frames and various gadgets around photography